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Crispapp, launched an application called Facebook Messenger,

This is one of the long-awaited application for Facebook, by this now all Facebook users can use voice chat in mobile and web browsers without any call charges, zero call charges.

Crispapp new Facebook Messenger 4

Facebook messenger for Facebook for free voice chat

  • Crispapp is a Hong Kong based App developer, specifically designed for Apple gadgets.
  • along with classic plain old text-based Facebook chat, users can now try the Facebook Messenger to call anyone around the world, that too without any cost. (zero call charge)
  • Crispapp new Facebook Messenger App lets any users call friends and families added on their social networking account using VOIP.
  • For those users who want to stick with the old text-based chat, can do so. Furthermore, the Crispapp app gives you the feature of messaging history as well as allowing users to share pictures.
Crispapp new Facebook Messenger 1

Facebook messenger for Facebook for free voice chat 2

How to start with Crispapp new Facebook Messenger App

  • Just Logon to your Facebook account through the new Facebook Messenger, there you will find a list of your online friends.
  • Now you can talk to your friends via text, or voice call if your friend or family is using the Facebook Messenger App on their phone, you can directly connect for a free VoIP chat.
Crispapp new Facebook Messenger 2

Facebook messenger for Facebook for free voice chat settings

  • If your friend or family is using Facebook Messenger, you have to just send them a link which will take them to a website where they can speak via a Flash-based VoIP app.
  • The Crispapp new Facebook Messenger also lets you post pictures, view a friend’s wall, use browse message history,emotions, multi-tasking support from within the app and add text chat via Push Notifications .

Price of Crispapp new Facebook Messenger

  • The Facebook Messenger is available at a price of $3 and requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
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