We almost every single person who knows the computer uses the Microsoft Products,

  • most of the Products are Paid , but still Microsoft gives us some useful apps to be used in Microsoft windows supported systems, to give us better user experience , some of the products are we uses and think that these are the top users choice free Microsoft products,

Top 5 Ultimate Free Products from Microsoft

Mouse without Borders

  • this is the top most free Microsoft product it gives you the ability to use multiple systems with the single mouse and keyboards ,
  • the screens of all systems will be combined and you can simply drag and drop files from one screen to other by simply using the mouse,
  • you have to connect the systems with the local connection,



Screen Recorder

  • The screen recorder is one of the best application for recording your desktop from Microsoft and it is totally free, screen recording is one feature we need it most of the time most of the time, and the most available tools are paid,
  • sometime the page have protection to be saved , this app will help to record the screen for record to be shown on future if needed.


Fix it Center

  • this is the application for those who are not geeky to diagnosis the problem with windows or its applications,
  • this application is one simple click and solved type app for troubleshoot the windows,
  • whenever you got any problem with system you have to run the application and it will find the problem anything any missing file or any missing setting and at the end it will give you the option to run the solution and your problem will be resolved,
  • This app will work best with internet connection.



  • this application is the one gives you free of cost to share your photos , 3d models and panoramas with simply connecting with windows live id, which is free too .
  • this all works online you don’t have to install it on your system,

Windows System State Analyzer and Monitor

  • this tool will help you to analyze your system performance with the time and different work mediums , it records the systems stats with time and give you the custom report as you needs so that you can find the best performance and other problems related errors to be diagnosis properly.

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