Step-by-step Tutorial : Installing clockworkmod recovery on Redmi 2

Why we Need to clockworkmod recovery  ::

Rooting your Redmi 2 Mobile is Make it possible to updates all latest software or third party packs install to your mobile possible SuperGeekForum Presents the Routing tutorial about Installing clockworkmod recovery on Redmi 2

 Installing clockworkmod recovery on Redmi 2

Downloads required:

Step 1–

  • same folder and while holding the shift button on your keyboard, right click on an empty space. Now select the Open command window here option
  • Now go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options and make sure that USB Debugging is turned to on and connect the usb cable to your redmi 2.
  • give the command:                      adb devices
  • Now a pop-up should appear on your phone, asking you to authorize adb to connect to your phone.just allow it.
  • Now once again enter the command 
  • That’s it.

Step 2—

  • If the command window that you opened previously is still open, then well and good. Otherwise go to the folder in which you extracted the Rooting kit again, and press Shift + Right click to get to the Open command window here option.
  • Now give the command:                     adb reboot bootloader
  • This will reboot your phone in the fastboot mode.
  • OR switch off your phone. Then, press and hold Volume Up and Power button till some screen appears and  select Fastboot.
  • Once your phone is in fastboot mode ,
  • Now just give the command:                     fastboot flash recovery cwm.img
  • The complete msg comes like “Writing finished”. Now disconnect your phone from the USB cable. Then pull out your Redmi 2’s battery and put it back in.
  • Now power on your phone .

Thats all about  Installing clockworkmod recovery on Redmi 2 now your redmi 2 have   clockworkmod recovery on Redmi 2 In case if you find any issues with above procedure comment here. SuperGeekForum will try to solve your problem

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