Mobile Number Portability in India Launched by PM Manmohan Singh

Mobile Number Portability 1
Mobile Number Portability in India Launched The biggest achievement Indian Mobile Industry

what is mobile number portability

  • mobile no portability is the ability of carrying of your mobile no of your network provider will be continued to the next mobile operator service , when ever you will change the operator .

what are the benefits of this Mobile Number Portability

  • there are many benefits of this Mobile Number Portability service first of all that now we dont have to worry about own mobile no to change with the change of operator.

why we need to change the operators

  • again there are many possible reasons for changing the mobile operator hear are some of the most common
  • like in you are the college student and you wants some new tariff plans for your salve but your operator dose not support that plan, then you have to change the mobile number in past, but now with Mobile Number Portability you can keep your current mobile no without any change .
  • and if you are in a profession like with a lot of travel and you wants some spatial plan with roaming which may be not available in your current operator service now you can change the operator without any change in your mobile no and  your clients.
Mobile Number Portability 2
Mobile Number Portability in India Launched The biggest achievement

other facts of this Mobile Number Portability

  • this Mobile Number Portability  is one of the best achievement in INDIAN mobile evolution because india is a very big country and hear are many operator in comparison the many other nations which provides the Mobile Number Portability  facility to there people, but India have did this very well.
  • this Mobile Number Portability  will give the common user freedom to choose there operator with his own satisfaction without bothering having to stick the operators ,
  • there is the time limitations for that minimum three month is the lock time period for that, once you have changed the operator then for next three month you have to carry on with the operator.
  • and the other thing is that within this all processing your mobile no will remain out of service for at least 24 hours.
  • Enjoy the new complete freedom of mobile enthusiasm .

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