Intex V.SHOW: First Projector Mobile Phone In India by Intex

Latest Intex V.SHOW projector  mobile phone in India

Intex V.SHOW: First Projector Mobile by Intex Mobile Phone In India

Intex V.SHOW projector  mobile phone in india
  • The Intex Technologies is basically famous for computer related gadgets,but now it’s mobile section has launch the

Intex V.SHOW mobile phone, Features–

  • this phone is  features an in-built projector to combine projection with mobility.
  • Projection is clearly visible up to a distance of 12 ft (between the screen/wall and the phone).
  • The phone allows users to project any kind of media like– movies, pictures, music videos from the phone memory  or from Internet, and other Internet content up to 154.9 cms (61 inches) of screen/wall
  • the intensity of  the projection is of 10 lumens and QWVGA resolution. which  is really amazing.
  • with Its really long-life battery which is realy nessary for such phone , ensures that you can watch a film for as long as 3 hours and a film quality of [25 frames per second (FPS) ]
  • which is like the  FPS used in theatre movies.

Other spatial features are–

  • include insertion of Bolt in the software – a fast mobile Internet browser ,
  • Tripod stand as one of the accessories in the box for an easy and hands-free visual experience.
  • The phone is a touch-screen dual SIM (GSM + GSM) variant and also has another feature – dual screen mode (phone screen mode and projector screen mode are simultaneously active).
  • It has dual camera and a dual card memory slot of 8 GB each by we can expand the internal memory of default 64 MB.
  • Taking the visual experience to the next level there is a  clarity adjuster (present button just below the projector lens) to modify the projection distance and zoom quality of images as user friendly feature,
  • we can also switch  the screen output size from portrait to landscape and vice versa.
  • with FM radio wireless and wired enabled,
  • this has GPRS connectivity and has a 8.1 cms (3.2 inches) dust resistant clear touch screen.

In words of– Ramesh A. Vaswani, at promoting-{executive vice chairman, Intex Technologies}, said, {I am confident that Intex V.SHOW will change the way people watch movies, videos, picture galleries and even read e-books on their mobile phones. If positioned judiciously, it could emerge as a powerful infotainment tool too. We are in touch with leading chip development companies of the world for future enhancements in this model.}

Intex V.SHOW
latest Intex V.SHOW projector  mobile phone in india

In addition of Ramesh A. Vaswani words  technicalities, Debu K Dasgupta–

head-centre for design and development, Intex Technologies, added, { It can receive multimedia content remotely through GPRS connectivity which makes it a valuable tool for streaming of content anywhere- commuting in public transport, spending leisure time outdoors/ cafes, remote locations, etc. Along with provision of front and back cameras and customised Java applications, the phone’s sound output through built-in speaker can be further be enhanced through external amplifiers/ headphone speakers.}

Price Intex V.SHOW just–

  • Rs 16,000 (MRP).