Spatiality About Windows Phone 8 features and specifications

aLL Spatiality About Windows Phone 8 features and specifications

  • We all know that Microsoft is working very hard to developing his latest os for mobile windows 8 , and no more this is just a rumor it’s all become reality , this latest windows 8 operating system has all the latest advantages over all available os for mobile in the world of mobile,
  • with this latest Microsoft windows 8 os , everything is possible with very high definition and lightning fast speed.
  • this windows 8 has some more featured like voice command with voice recognition this can recognize your voice and run any command you ordered to execute.
  • This Windows 8 phone will be very different from other mobiles in features and other ways,
  • Windows Operating System, Microsoft is also deciding to develop Windows 8 Phones

Windows Phone 8

aLL Spatiality About Windows Phone 8 features and specifications

other features and specifications —

  • Web browser:
  • Internet explorer created in Windows 8 phone , and we all know that Microsoft explorer is best for security purpose it covers all the certificates , so it help us in being protected from known and unknown threats like spyware and viruses and phishing from hackers etc.
  • Office suite maintaine your office documents like Word, Excel files, power point files and one note. as we know these all are free with windows, Windows 8 tablets performing double duty as mobile phones as mobile and as PDA,
  • Being able to initiate a call from the PC instead of having to pick up my mobile phone and use its small-screen interface
  • Sync feature will help you to save a copy of your contacts, photos, music files, or movies to your laptop or with pc with the help of Microsoft synchroniser,