What is Rooting and Benefits of Rooting

What is Rooting and Benefits of Rooting and why we Need to Root Device

Q. What the hell is Rooting ???
A. Rooting is a simple process it gives you the control of your device to the system level , like in computer windows or mac you can change anything you likes from startup to power control etc,
same is for mobile phones with rooting you will get the administrator control of the devise you can change any system related app or process whatever you wants.
Q. Why should I root my device ???
A.The simple answer is to get the total control on your device , like to control the ads nobody wants the annoying adds and som apps like firewall require the administrator control to control the internet access to the apps so rooting will help to control the data management.
  • Firewall specific program control:
This is the app everyone must use it control the data usages by controlling the internet access to the apps .Use Droidwall to prevent any wastage of your data.

  • Increase internal memory:
Low internal app space for your apps,then rooting might solve your problem.External SD card must be supported by your device for this.Use any app like Link2SD or A2SD it allow you to install all apps to sd card.

  • Speed up your CPU:

While running some heavy apps,lagging is generally observed.This can be prevented by overclocking your device using SetCPU.

  • Block Ads:

    Go to play store and search for add free app .or search in google.

  • Uninstall System Apps: Yu can remove annoying system app by root browser or other root apps
  • Change the Boot Animation: You can change it by any app in play stor for boot animation app
  • Increase your Internal Memory and RAM: By rooting you can also increase virtual RAM by swap app search in playstore for swap app , this is advance feature some time it may brick your sd card of phone.
  • Theme your device: you to personalise your device, go to  play store and search app for theme change do whatever you wants.
  • Install a Firewall:
    This is the app everyone must use it control the data usages by controlling the internet access to the apps .Use Droidwall to prevent any wastage of your data.
  • Avast anti-theft solution: Best anty theft solution ever must install it and it requir rooting for best Avast Anti-Virus go to play store search .
  • Convert User Apps to Sytem Apps (and vice versa): you can change any app to system app and vice versa
  • Govern your CPU’s clocking frequency: You can control the cpu speed etc SetCPU and Nofrills CPU Control , whatever you wants but remember these are advance feature use only if you know what are you doing.
  • Supercharge your phone: If your phone has become laggy, then rooting it is one of the best solutions. A script called V6 Supercharger Script by XDA Dev Zeppelinrox manages the RAM on your device in a more efficient way and makes t go zoom zoom. Download Script Manager from the play store and the script from here to give this a go.
  • Flash a Custom Recovery: Install any custom rom update by simply go to cwm recovery mode.
  • Change the name of your device: By editing a file named build.prop, you can change the name of your device that appears under the About screen in settings menu. you can change your animation on boot etc.
  • Increase the speed of your Sdcard:

    You can increase app reading speed frpm sdcard by — SD speed increase

  • Change your fonts:
    You can change fonts of your system etc
  • Enjoy thousands of apps that require root: Now you can install any app which require rooting thats fun.
  • Unroot your phone: Just go to the superuser app and go to option and go for full unroot option thats all you are done.
Q. Why should’t I root my device???
A. These are the main reasons below that help you
  • Rooting voids your warranty
  • It can damage your phone:
  • basic user and don’t want to/need to access the advanced options
Final Conclusion
As you know now that the benefits are more then the losses , so i prefer to root my devise , rest to you as you know better about yourself if you need advance usage then go for rooting otherwise you are good with default.