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  • Sony confirm that PlayStation4 might hit the market year 2016, bearing in mind the rivalry of kinect,
  • PlayStation 4 will comprise body movement control and that’s the main feature that sounds very exciting,
  • PlayStation Network that triggered them to develop their network ,Sony has suffered from Hackers and improve its security,
  • Sony PlayStation 4 will be the most powerful gaming mesien for those who wants to reach the ultimate platue of the gaming anthusiasm , Sony PlayStation 4  is the best plastaystation still now so we can imagine a new world with this Sony PlayStation 4  in its virtual world,
Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 ultimate gaming platform

  • with this Sony PlayStation 4  sony again put the mile stone in the gaming industary ,
  • we all know that gamng is no more the kid thing it is much more than that and with Sony PlayStation 4  you can feel the real 3d gaming with high defination graficx ,
  • so in gaming world this is one of the best gaming platform for those who wants the real gaming experience.
  • former sony playstation 2-3 got the huge populer in the gaming worldwide so we hope that this Sony PlayStation 4 may brea all the records set from his younger brothers.