How To Scheduling Download in IDM Internet Download Manager


How to scheduling downloadHow to download you tube videos. Read more ... » in IDM

IDM Internet Download Manager How To Scheduling Download simple steps —


idm shidduled


Why we need scheduling


  • There are many reasons to need of scheduling of  download
  • Like we don’t have time to watch each of download when there are many download are running.
  • or some other work that we have to do so there are many reasons for that.
  • and for this the best download manager is IDM Internet Download Manager
  • the most advanced and most featured download manager available in this time.
  • this download manager gives the fastest download speed with your connection, limits.

How to scheduling IDM


idm shidduling

  • go to schedule  option and select the options according to your requirement.


idm quing shiduling

  • go to queue option and set queue order according to your preference.

Now APPLY these setting and start downloading, that’s all.

  • the main thing that you have to remember that do not put more then 4 download at a time because it slow down your download,
  • and some download link does not support resuming option for that it is better to download one download at a time.
  • My recommendation is only one download in one time is best , if you have really fast connection then you can do it to your speed basis.

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