How to Format Samsung T528 hard reset Code

Step By Step Tutorial How to Format Samsung T528 hard reset Code

Cautions Before The Format Soft or Hard Reset ::

Samsung T528

Step By Step TutorialHow to Install clockworkmod recovery on Redmi 2. Read more ... » How to Format Samsung T528 hard reset Code

Warning! for Format & Reset

How to Format Samsung T528 hard reset


  • To reset your phone:
    • 1. Touch Menu >>> Settings >>> Phone >>> Reset Phone.
    • 2. At the All settings reset to factory defaults. Continue? prompt, touch Yes to reset or No to cancel.
    • 3. Enter your phone password, if prompted, and touch Confirm.
    • 4. After the phone settings have been reset, the Reset Phone done confirmation displays.
  • Use this method to hard reset your Samsung T528 dual SIMSamsung Hero E2232 Features and Specifications with Review and Price. Read more ... » phone:
    • you can try this work on some other Samsung models Enter *2767*3855#.
  • Your default security phone lock code preset 00000000 / eight zeros
  • By performing “Factory Reset“, all user data will be ERASED. You MUST took a proper backup PRIOR to running factory reset & Web update.

That’s all now the format,root, unlock, Samsung T528 hard reset Code device is formatted perfectly without any problems. In case if you find any issues with above procedure comment here. SuperGeekForum will try to solve your problem

If you know the hard reset with buttons / keys, pls leave a comment, you welcome!  :)

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