How To Hack Nokia Symbian Without Certificate

Latest How To Hack Nokia Symbian Without Certificate

Considering it is now difficult to get certificate from opda, now i will give you some steps to get your phone hacked without any certificate needed. as you can see just follow these steps below :


  • 1. For the best result just format your phone with *#7370# (do back up your phone fisrt)
  • 2. Download and instal xplore on your phone X-plore​-v-1-53-S60v3-S60v5-S-3-Symbia​nOS9-x-Signed-zip
  • 3. Download and extract file and you will find file
  • 4. extract to your phone folder E:patches
  • 5. Extract to your phone folder C:
  • 6. Then restart your phone
  • 7. Run rompatcher+ and apply Open4all RP+.rmp and install InstallServerRP+.rmp
  • 8. Done. now your phone is fully hacked.
  • But if you Want to get the best result just add Hellox on your phone and follow these steps:
  • 1. After you’ve done the steps above just download this file
  • 2. INSTAL updater sisx and copy the istallserver.exe in c:sysbin
  • 3. Then just install Hellox on your phone. Download the latest hellox HelloOX​2-v2-11-S60v3-S60v5-S-3-Symbia​n-Anna-Unsigned-sis
  • 4. Done now your phone is hacked with an addition of hellox.

Credit goes to wirosablenks

Note– Warning
  • you are totaly on your own risk to using this hack we dont recomend the hack a mobile phone, any harm to your phone is totally your and only your responsibility if you use this.
  • Enjoy!