FExplorer Symbian Mobile Latest File Manager Advance File manager For NOKIA


FExplorer – Not JUST A Ordinary File Manager For Symbian Mobile PhoneMobile Number Portability in India Launched The biggest achievement Indian Mobile Industry. Read more ... »’s (Review)


FExplorer Symbian Mobile Latest File Manager


why we need this FExplorer file manager


FExplorer Pro Review spacifications

FExplorer Pro Review specifications


Advance File manager For NOKIA
  • You can do basic operations like cut, copy and paste and compress/Un-compress the files (zip) to save space. access the files in the folders (including the hidden system files),
  • FExplorer was able to compress large files (around 40 MB) without any problem and extract files from zip archive.
  • FExplorer, as I mentioned above, not only does the basic file management function but provides the following features too:
FExplorer Symbian Mobile Latest File Manage NOKIA


Show a list of all the current running tasks with an option to:


  • See detailed information about the task.
  • Switch to any running task and put the current application in the background (Almost similar to a basic task manager).
  • Close/kill any running task.
  • Comes with bundled application viz.
  • Screenshot – For taking snaps of the screen of your mobile phone. I didn’t like the functionality as It failed to capture the image of the screen many times. Screen snap turned out to be a better alternative.
FExplorer Symbian Mobile NOKIA

  • Bluetooth Manager – To turn on/off the blue tooth.
  • Backlight – Once enabled, it keeps the back light turned on until your disable it.
  • Compress Memory – I wasn’t able to test this even after I was left with just 6-7 MB free RAM. I wonder the level at which this features comes into use
  • Memory Monitor – Once enabled, it shows a small memory bar right on top of your mobile phone’ screen in order to monitor the memory consumption. A great way to keep an eye on the RAM usage of your mobile phone!
FExplorer Symbian Mobile
  • Installed Applications – The most useful feature that I liked amongst the others. It saves a test file on either the phone memory or memory card with the details (names, etc) of all the application installed on your
  • mobile phone. A feature for which I was looking for a dedicated application but couldn’t find any.
  • Other than it’s ability to do the small tasks mentioned above, FExplore provides productive information about your mobile phone Current IP of the connected network, (Phone model, Processor type, speed, etc), IMEI number, Network related information (Can be used for network diagnosis), etc.
  • FExplorer is a must have File Manager with features more than any other File Manager for symbian based mobile’s. I’d recommend FExplorer to all the mobile phone owners.
FExplorer Pro 2.2  download NOKIA

FExplorer Pro 2.2  download

  • is a paid application costing $5.99 and is available for S60 phones. You can download the trial version of FExplorer by visiting this
  • download link.

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