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Download from you tube-

YouTube have the world largest video collection on Internet, and some videos are of our choices which we likes to keep them  for future.
that we can watch them without Internet on computer that’s why we need to save the videos,
youtube1for saving the videos there is the easiest method is to use the keepvid website, but there is a problem in that keepvid require the java platform to installed in system,
i will tell you step by step what you have to do for it…
  1. the best Web browser for it are- Internet explore, Google chrome these are best for it
  2. now in these browsers open and search your video which you likes to download play it.
  3. youtube2now copy the URL in address bar
      1. now open in other tab, and now past the copied URL in keepvid bar in download section, and now click download, if your system already have java then it will show you the download links in different resolution select which one you likes.
  4. keepvid if your system don’t have java install then it shows to you to install java then use this           link to download java, after download java install it and then restart your browsers all done.
  1. java downloadnow open browsers again and open keepvid, and past your video URL in bar, this time it works fine, just allow java to run if it prompt, enjoy your videos in computers forever.
that’s all there are many YouTube downloader but this method is best for everyone even slow Internet connection.