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All About BSNL 3G Data Card And 3G

What is 3G Data Card-

bsnl 3g

  • BSNL 3G Data cards are meant for accessing internet and emails at anytime and from anywhere. Thus 3G Data Cards support us and make us free to work on the move with full email and web access .
  • BSNL 3G  provides Simple and instant internet access at mega bite fast speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. 3G data cards make us free from messy old wires, Fixed Line Requirement, No Need of Cyber Cafe / Hot Spot to Access Internet. Thus your Lap top become truly mobile


What are the types of 3G Data Cards —

    1.USB Type 2.Express/PCMCIA Card types

Models of 3G Data Card offered by BSNL in Bundling Scheme

  • (A) USB Type MMX 300G Micromax MMX 300G(3) Micromax E156G Huawei E156 Huawei E176 Huawei Option 210 Capital (Option) Option 315 Capital (Option) SimU6T Capital (Simcom) SimU9T Capital (Simcom Express/PCMCIA Option GT Express Capital (Option) SIM Express 7.2 Capital (Simcom)

Type of 3G Express Card —

  • 1. Merlin X950D Express Card 3G data card 2. Merlin XU870 Express Card 3G data card 3. Option Globe Trotter Express 7.2 3G data card 4. Option Globe Trotter Express HSUPA 3G data card 5. Sierra Wireless Air Card 880E 3G data card

3G Data Card (PC Card)

  • Option Globe Trotter HSDPA 7.2 3G data card Option GT Max 7.2 Ready 3G data card Option GT Max HSUPA 3G data card Sierra Wireless Air Card 875 3G data card Sierra Wireless Air Card 880 HSUPA 3G data card


How to use BSNL data card–


  • Simply  You have to Plug in 3G Data Card into your laptop and can get the fastest available connection, with mobile broadband speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps. Its very neat, compact design makes it easy to use; you can easily swap it between laptops for use at work, home or on the move. Laptops have a PCMCIA Card slot also known as  an Express Card slot. There is PCMCIA to Express Card Converter For using 3G broadband ,you need 3G Data card ,network SIM card, software, user guide, which come with data card, use it and enjoy the lightning speed of bsnl 3G.

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