Best png image compressor

Gauntlet Best png image compressor

png images need compression–

  • png images are very important in web developing ,web designing, blog, and in site creation, but these images are large in sieges, there are very few application which compress png images without compromise it’s quality. file:///C:/Users/DHEERAJ/AppData/Local/Temp/WindowsLiveWriter-429641856/supfiles7247FA/gauntlet[2].jpg”>


  • generally we use adobe Photoshop for this but it decreases dimensions with size, that’s why there is great need of a png compressor that doesn’t decrease dimensions but only decrease size of image.

Gauntlet for that the one of best software is–

  • free png compressor it compresses images without decrease the dimensions, so this software is i likes to decrease sizes of my png images for web.
use it and you will feel  the difference of